Krishna City

We Care Your Health

Welcome to the assuring and comforting world of Krishna City Hospital where the hospital services are based on the concept “We Serve to Cure”, Where patient care is centered around hospitality & sensitivity to your needs, whereas the cure part of medical aspect is centered around professional standard and affordable cost.Where the beneficiaries feel the hospital to be a place of relief,full of pleasant memories.

A Healthcare Company of Commitment !

Krishna City Hospital has focused on the need to bring modern medical care facilities for the common man at the places where they need them the most and at the cost that they can manage to afford. The promoters of Krishna City Hospital have always at their back of mind the image of a common man,having become aware of the scope of the modern medical facilities for the treatment of their near & dear ones afflicted with ailments requiring the contemporary medical technology for treatment but deprived of such facilities for want of either accessibility to such facilities or afford ability to avail the services.